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2 Girls 1 Schlupp9v11Illuminati FC
Old Men That Play For Beer6v102 Girls 1 Schlupp
Polyplanters4v3Illuminati FC
FC Joblot7v10Puyol Pants Down
Red Lion1v14Illuminati FC
Red Lion5v10Ajax Treesdown
Eye Balls Allstars9v4Men Behaving Chadli
Smart Movers2v9Dirty Mike And The Boys
Bayern Neverlusen3v7Comstor United
Ruud Van Nipplejoy2v5Murder On Zidanes Floor
Siamo10v8Tea And Busquets B
AC a little silhouette of Milan7v4Mo Money Mo Salah
Borussia Monchenflapjack10v9Fairford Four Two
Messi In A Boot6v3Empty Legs
White Lightnin12v5Procurri
Sparta Ciren3v11Puyol Pants Down
FC Joblot5v6Show Me The Mane
Ajax Treesdown9v6Old Men That Play For Beer
Harveys Price Is Right8v5Red Lion
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Wednesday Cup (Summer 2018)

Date Kick Off Home Result Against
23/05/2018 6.30pm P1 Illuminati FC - Show Me The Mane
23/05/2018 6.30pm P2 Polyplanters - Pete Wixey FC
23/05/2018 7.15pm P1 Ajax Treesdown - Old Men That Play For Beer
23/05/2018 7.15pm P2 Not A Kalou - Usay FC
23/05/2018 8.00pm P1 Harveys Price Is Right - 2 Girls 1 Schlupp
23/05/2018 8.00pm P2 Puyol Pants Down - Expected Toulouse
23/05/2018 8.45pm P1 Red Lion - Delph And Safety
23/05/2018 8.45pm P2 Sparta Ciren - FC Joblot

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