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2 Girls 1 Schlupp3v11Polyplanters
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Show Me The Mane3v16Illuminati FC
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2 Girls 1 Schlupp7v5PolGoal
FC Joblot7v10Expected Toulouse
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Pete Wixey FC10v5Sparta Ciren
Ajax Treesdown1v4Polyplanters
Puyol Pants Down6v5Show Me The Mane
A Johnsons Under 16s1v2Empty Legs
Dirty Mike And The Boys3v8Tea And Busquets B
Murder On Zidanes Floor1v5Ruud Van Nipplejoy
AC a little silhouette of Milan11v3Smart Movers
Borussia Monchenflapjack6v7Rapid Vienatta
White Lightnin10v8Mo Money Mo Salah
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Monday Cup 1st Round (Summer 2018)

Date Kick Off Home Result Against
11/06/2018 6.30pm P1 Budz FC 8 - 4 Messi In A Boot
11/06/2018 6.30pm P2 Procurri 5 - 6 Bayern Neverlusen
11/06/2018 7.15pm P1 Eye Balls Allstars 4 - 8 Men Behaving Chadli
11/06/2018 7.15pm P2 Fairford Four Two 3 - 9 Comstor United
11/06/2018 8.00pm P1 White Lightnin 10 - 8 Mo Money Mo Salah
11/06/2018 8.00pm P2 Borussia Monchenflapjack 6 - 7 Rapid Vienatta
11/06/2018 8.45pm P1 AC a little silhouette of Milan 11 - 3 Smart Movers
11/06/2018 8.45pm P2 Murder On Zidanes Floor 1 - 5 Ruud Van Nipplejoy
11/06/2018 9.30pm P1 Dirty Mike And The Boys 3 - 8 Tea And Busquets B
11/06/2018 9.30pm P2 A Johnsons Under 16s 1 - 2 Empty Legs

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